TURDS is a Fun, Strategic, Humoristic and Nasty card game. Every player has 4 Turds and the first player that gets rid of his/her Turds is the Winner!


Turds – the card game

Turds is so nasty!! For the first time you really have “Sh#tty Cards” and “This is some bullsh#t!” moments. Be ready for everything, Turds are coming from everywhere!!

There are alot of different cards in one deck (total of 86 cards) and for that reason there are plenty strategic and dirty ways to win the game.

We love to play (tabletop) games like Turds and we hope you like it too!

Many Farts and love,

-Wolter and Yaël Busscher


In the box-01-01NOTE: There will be more cards when the project is launched!