Almost every vacation we played card games with a basic set of cards. We always have a blast playing, but most of the time all games that we played had too many “lucky moments” and were not that strategic and funny. So, we created our own game(s), Turds – The Card Game.

After work and a good night sleep I woke up and said to my wife that I had to create a game that had to be funny, strategic and nasty. We immediately thought of a theme that everyone could laugh about. And so as we thought it happened and we created a game about poo and how to clean it up.

Poo is nasty?

The game is “nasty” for your opponents. I was drawing a lot of turds and most of them were too nasty and not accessible for every person. After a lot of sketching we found the right turds and the right art for the game.
We made the game “kidfriendly” and playable for the whole famliy.

Now the real fun began. We were brainstorming about words that we could use and manipulate for the game. Every card had to have a word that corresponded with an action or event.

And this is how Turds was created!

Wolter Busscher
Multimedia designer and (tabletop) game fanatic. The creator and artist of Turds – The Card Game and the partner of Yaël.

Yaël Busscher
Pharmacy-assistant and the creative brain of the game Turds – The Card Game.

Both living and working in the Netherlands. We play games almost on every friday. We love to play games like;

  • For Sale
  • Coup
  • The Resistance
  • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Sushi Go!
  • Say Anything
  • Pandemic
  • etc.

We need your help!

We need your help to spread TURDS all over the world and we have a lot of extra games that are in development and can come out if this is a success. We need to sell 1000 copy’s of this game otherwise we cannot print the game. It’s our dream to create games and share them with you. So, if you are into fun, strategy, nasty gameplay and a lot of replayability, please back our project and help us to create a great gaming franchise.

With Poowsome love and Farts,

-Wolter and Yaël